The rise in crude oil again, know the current rates of petrol and diesel


Petrol and diesel prices remained stable in the country on Wednesday, August 11, 2021. Oil marketing companies have not changed oil prices for the 25th day in a row today.

Earlier, on July 17, petrol was priced at 30 paise per liter Diesel 15 paise per liter It had become expensive. If we talk about cuts, there is no such possibility. In the first week of August, crude oil prices fell sharply, but prices have not been cut.

rise in crude oil again
rise in crude oil again

On Monday alone, crude oil fell 4 percent in a single day. However, oil prices rose on Tuesday. Brent crude, a global benchmark, rose 0.98 per cent to 69 69.72 a barrel. At the same time, the rupee’s exchange rate fell by 17 paise to close at 74.43 against the US dollar.

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