The price of mustard reached Rs 8,600 per quintal


Crude palm oil and soybean oil prices closed marginally lower on account of lower imports amid a bullish trend in overseas markets. Prices of other oilseeds remained unchanged.

During the festive season, mustard prices rose from Rs 8,500 to Rs 8,600 per quintal in Saloni, Agra and Kota, improving the quality of mustard seeds. On the other hand, the local Sanyogitaganj In the grain market, Saturday On Monday, the price of gram thorn fell by Rs 75, pulses by Rs 100 and tur by Rs 200 per quintal.

price of mustard reached
price of mustard reached

Mustard oil prices closed lower at the previous level due to weak demand at higher prices. Experts say that after combining all the duties and profits, the maximum price of mustard oil in the market should be Rs 170-175 per liter, while in some markets it is being exaggerated. Sources said that new soybean and cotton seeds are likely to arrive in the markets next month, which will change the situation.

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