The next meeting of the Punjab Cabinet is on May 17

Cabinet Meeting: The next meeting of the Punjab Cabinet will be held on May 17 under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Punjab Bhagwant Mann. This meeting will be held at the Circuit House in Jalandhar under the ‘Sarkar Aaphai Duar’. In this, development works of entire Punjab including Jalandhar will be considered and approved. This information has been given by CM Bhagwant Mann via tweet.

CM Mann has kept the tag line of his tweet ‘Sarkar Aahe Dwar’. He wrote that the Punjab government will hold a cabinet meeting at Jalandhar Circuit House on May 17 at 10.30 am as per its promise. It will consider resolving all old pending cases. Also, quick decisions will be taken.

Major decisions taken in the cabinet meeting
Decisions about all major matters related to Punjab have been taken by the honorable government in the cabinet meeting itself. The last cabinet meeting was held in Ludhiana for the first time outside Chandigarh. In this meeting, it was decided that cabinet meetings will be held in different villages and cities under ‘Sarkar Apke Duar’.
CM Mann had said that the government will stay there all day at the place where the cabinet meeting will be held.

7th Pay Commission to teachers of PAU and Gadvasu
In the last cabinet meeting, the Punjab government had talked about the implementation of the 7th Pay Commission for the teachers of PAU. It was said to pay the 7th salary in the next cabinet meeting for the employees of PAU and the teachers of Garvasu. Now it has become clear that the Punjab government will give this gift to the employees on May 17, Wednesday.

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