The letter written by the Chief Secretary Punjab to the Haryana government regarding the injured farmer Pritpal Singh


The Chief Secretary Punjab has written a letter to the Haryana government to hand over the farmer Pritpal Singh, who was injured in the action of the Haryana police during the farmers' struggle, to the Punjab government.

Let us tell that at present the treatment of injured Pritpal Singh is going on in PGI Rohtak. He should be handed over to the Punjab government so that he can be given free treatment. Apart from this, the Punjab government says that if any other agitating farmer of Punjab is under treatment in Haryana, then he should also be handed over to us.

Punjab Chief Secretary Anurag Verma has written a letter to Haryana Chief Secretary Sanjeev Kaushal and demanded that the injured Pritpal Singh of Punjab admitted to PGI Rohtak under the jurisdiction of Haryana should be immediately handed over to the Punjab government so that his Free and sure treatment can be done.

On the other hand, the residents of Nawan Gau, the village of the injured Amritdhari youth, fear that if the injured youth is not sent to PGI Chandigarh for treatment, something untoward may happen to him.

Talking to the media, Gurnam Singh, a relative of the injured amritdhari youth Pritpal Singh and a resident of Nawan Gaon, said that the leg of the amritdhari youth was broken by the Haryana police. His jaw was broken and his cases and turban were also desecrated.