The Indian Embassy team will come to Calgary on November 12 to verify the life certificate

Calgary (Punjabi Newspaper Bureau) The people of our community who have migrated from India have to show the life certificate to their department every year to keep the pension received in their country.

President: Mahinder Singh Deol

Giving information regarding certificate verification, President of Indian X-Servicemen Immigrant Association of Calgary Mr. Mahinder Singh Deol said that on 12 November 2023, Tuesday, the Indian Embassy team is coming here at 8:00 am. Calgarians who need to make a life certificate should prepare their current passport, pension copy, bank account information before November 7 from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Kuldeep Singh, secretary of the organization, said that life certificates were issued to about 475 people in the past, but this year the number will increase from 500, so you should come to the office of the Indian Ex-Servicemen Immigrant Association of Calgary before November 5 and show your papers. You can book an appointment to meet the embassy team for 12 November 2023. For more information call 403 293 3337.

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