The final hearing will be held today in the Supreme Court on the issue of reservation in promotion


The final hearing on the issue of reservation in promotion will begin in the Supreme Court from today. From this The first hearing took place last week The court had questioned all the states about the legal hurdles they were facing.

At the same time, he was instructed to prepare his list within two weeks and submit it to the court. The court then adjourned the hearing till today.

final hearing reservation
final hearing reservation

During the hearing, the states requested for an early hearing on the issue of reservation in progress. The issue has been stuck in some states for the past few years, leaving thousands of government posts vacant and promotions stalled. In the hearing, the apex court directed Union Home Secretary A.S. By. He also refused to withdraw the defamation notice issued against Bhalla. Let me tell you that this notice was issued against him for promotion on ‘ad hoc basis’ in Bihar. The bench said that it would be considered later. During the hearing, the court said that many guidelines have been framed in the past regarding reservation in promotion and they have been mentioned in many judgments. Implementing it depends on the states how they represent the backward castes.

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