The challan will come directly to the house after crossing the red light in Mohali

Traffic Rules in Punjab: Punjab Transport Minister Laljit Singh Bhullar said that there is a continuous increase in accidents in Punjab due to violation of traffic rules, therefore CCTV cameras will be installed on main roads very soon on the lines of Chandigarh, Mohali district as a pilot project in this regard. CCTV has been selected.

The purpose of installing CCTV cameras is to monitor the traffic properly, but along with this, online challans will also be issued. Punjab Transport Minister Laljit Singh Bhullar arrived at Mohali on Monday to attend the Road Safety Week function as the chief guest. Mohali MLA Kulwant Singh and other officials were also present with him on this occasion.

Laljit Bhullar while talking to the media said that accidents happen only due to violation of traffic rules, 13 to 14 people are losing their lives daily in Punjab road accidents, but many are disabled physically, who are called by their parents. have to be supported, they themselves become dependent on the support of their parents. So the most effective way to prevent road accidents is to follow traffic rules and it is our collective responsibility to follow all traffic rules.

The Transport Minister said that the state government is doing good work for the welfare of the people, the victory of AAP in the Jalandhar by-election is a stamp on the work of the government. Meanwhile, the Transport Minister said regarding the Patiala incident that strict action will be taken against those who break the law and disrespect the Guru. Meanwhile, the Transport Minister also appreciated the work of the Punjab government.

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