The Ampere Electric Scooter is easy to buy, with up to 20,000 discounts


Ampere Electric Scooter has become very cheap in Gujarat. In fact, the price of Empire electric scooters has come down since the state recently announced its EV Policy 2021, which has resulted in customers being able to purchase them at huge discounts.

The aim of EV Policy 2021 is to popularize electric vehicles across the country so that people can purchase electric vehicles and participate in environmental protection instead of ordinary fuel vehicles. About Rs 20,000 has been deducted.

Ampere Electric Scooter is easy
Ampere Electric Scooter is easy

If we talk about the old prices of Empire electric scooters, earlier Magnus was priced at Rs 74,990, now buyers in Gujarat will have to pay Rs 47,990 for it.

Similarly, the price of the jail was Rs 68,990 some time back, but now it can be easily bought for Rs 41,990. Let me tell you that in the last few months, many manufacturers of electric scooters and bicycles have slashed the prices of their vehicles, including Rivalt Motors, which has been receiving overwhelming response from RV400 electric motorcycle customers. Let me tell you that this motorcycle was the talk of the country from its inception, but now it is breaking the market record.

Watch the video: Canada will also send and 15-16 lakhs which will apply automatically! Big deal for the first time in Punjab!


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