The accused in the gangster Sukha Badewalia murder case accused the police LIVE, watch the video

Punjabi News: Suraj Prakash alias Babbu, accused of the murder of gangster Sukhpreet Singh alias Sukha Badewalia in Ludhiana, Punjab, has released a video on the social networking site. In the video, Babbu has accused SHO Bitton of Haibowal police station that he has been falsely implicated in this case.

The inspector is taking out an old enmity from him. Babbu alleges that Rohit Malhotra alias Eshu shot and killed Sukha. He had fired in civil defense otherwise Rohit would have shot him too.

Babbu’s claim- Rohit’s wife brought a pistol in a sweet box
Babbu told in the video that a few minutes before the murder, Rohit’s wife gave her husband a pistol in a sweet box. Rohit has been admitted to the hospital due to a bullet in his eye. One of the accused, Gopal Mahajan alias Gopi, a resident of Pakhowal Road, is yet to be arrested.

Brewalia went to resolve the issue
In the video, Babbu has claimed that Sukha Badewalia took him to Rohit Malhotra’s house so that the issue between the two could be resolved. Rohit was using Sukha’s name in a drug smuggling case, which was the main reason for the fight between the two. Rohit was repeatedly calling to meet Sukha.

When Rohit shoots Sukha, she fires in self-defense and runs away, otherwise she too would have died. He also said he was prepared to face charges that he fired in self-defense, but did not kill Sukha.

Babbu alleged that SHO Inspector Bittan Kumar of Habowal police station harbored a grudge against him because he refused to help the inspector in the case of abetment to suicide. In July 2021, a case was registered against Inspector Biton Kumar and his father, brother and other associates for abetting a woman to commit suicide.

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