Tesla delivers record electric vehicles, Model Y and Model 3 grow splendidly


American electric car maker Tesla delivered a record number of electric vehicles in the last quarter of last year. The company delivered 9,36,172 electric cars and crossovers to customers worldwide last year, its highest ever total sales volume. Tesla’s plants in Fremont and California and Shanghai in China produced 3,05,840 units in the last quarter of last year and 9,30,422 units for the full year.

Tesla Told That it delivered 3,08,600 units in the fourth quarter of last year. Growth in this was largely contributed by the Model Y hatchback and Model 3 sedan. The Model S and Model X crossovers, priced at around $100,000, have less to do with it. The company does not provide sales figures by region. However, China is an important market for its volume growth. Exports are also done from the plant in China to Europe and other markets. The company’s quarterly delivery figures have been around 70 per cent higher than a year ago.

Although the company missed out on delivering one million vehicles last year, Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, believes that the company can reach annual sales of 20 million electric vehicles by the end of this decade. This will be a huge figure as the world’s largest automobile companies, including Toyota and Volkswagen, have sales of around 10 million units. Tesla is preparing to open new plants in Germany and Texas in the US soon. This will increase the production capacity of the company and help it meet the rapidly growing demand.

this years Tesla The growth has been very high as compared to other global brands. Its brand value has increased significantly to reach $36.27 billion. Tesla has entered the world’s 20 most valuable brands for the first time. Along with this, Musk’s wealth has also increased rapidly. Tesla is the only brand to achieve three-digit growth this year. Tesla’s car sales are competing with other global automobile companies in some countries like the US and China. Tesla plans to start business in the Indian market as well. The company has demanded the central government to reduce the import duty.

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