Terrible incident in Ludhiana! Nephew killed uncle


The news of a person’s murder has come to light in Ludhiana. The nephew killed his maternal uncle in the area of ​​Bhagpur police station Koomkallan in Ludhiana village. Both the nephew and maternal uncle worked in the construction of buildings. Nephew got into a fight with his uncle over a money dispute. In which he hit Mama on the head with a hammer. The deceased has been identified as Inderjit Verma, while the nephew of the accused has been identified as Sunil Kumar. Both Sunil and Inderjit had taken a contract to construct a building in Bhagpur village.

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Both were drinking at night when they got into an argument over money. The matter escalated to such an extent that Sunil started hitting Inderjit on the head with a hammer. Sunil escaped after killing his maternal uncle. The people around saw Inderjit’s blood-soaked body and informed the police.

The police sent the body to the hospital for post-mortem. Kulbir Singh, sub-inspector of Koomkal police station, said that Inderjit Verma’s family lives in Dugri, while Sunil Kumar’s wife and children are in Gorakhpur. A case of murder has been registered against Sunil. A raid is being conducted by the team to arrest him.


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