Tension everywhere due to 48,500-year-old virus, how big a threat to India and the world? | How dangerous is the zombie virus after Corona Punjabi news


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The threat of corona virus is still not completely over the world. Meanwhile, several thousand years old the virus The risk of re-emergence has increased. Scientists have issued a warning about the re-emergence of a zombie virus buried in Arctic ice for thousands of years. Scientists have said that the Arctic ice has been melting for the past few years. In such a situation, zombie viruses can emerge.

If this virus comes out, it can become a big threat to the whole world. As temperatures are rising and snow is melting due to global warming over the past few years, there is a risk of the virus coming out. Scientists took samples a few years ago. Research has shown that viruses present in Arctic ice have been stored under the ice for thousands of years.

48,500 year old virus

Jean Michel, a scientist at the University of Aix-Marseille, says that if such viruses spread to humans, it could pose a huge threat. A study on this virus was published last year, in which samples of various strains of the virus were taken from the Siberian regions. in which it disclosure It happened that a virus is about 48,500 years old. It was called the zombie virus. Scientists have expressed concern that the virus may be released as the snow melts. Scientists had said that if zombie viruses stored in the ice for 48,500 years come out, there could be a risk of infection. Due to this, there is a risk of a new epidemic.

Arctic Monitoring Network

Zombie viruses have been buried underground for thousands of years, but are at risk of coming out due to global warming. If the virus comes out, there may be a risk. In view of this growing threat, scientists have planned to establish an Arctic monitoring network. This will detect the spread of the zombie virus at an early stage. This will stop the virus.

Is there any threat to the world?

Epidemiologist Dr Ajay Kumar says that genome sequencing of various viruses has increased over the past few years. Due to this information about some new and old viruses is getting. It is also a concern that the snow is melting in many areas and if a virus is present, it can spread. There are many viruses that have been around for thousands of years, but are not active. Or they have run out of firepower. In such a situation, nothing clear can be said about the zombie virus yet.

At present it is important to prevent this type of virus infection and not to tamper with any sample of the virus. If there is any research on this, the risk of spreading the virus remains.