Tata vehicles to be more expensive after Mahindra, find out when new prices will come into effect

Tata vehicles to be more expensive: Problems in the auto sector have not stopped for the last two years. While the year 2020 was completely plagued by corona virus, there was some relief by the end of the year, but since the beginning of April, due to the increase in coronavirus, the vehicle sector in the country Position Once it starts to deteriorate yet as a result. Unwittingly, the cost of their vehicles has to be increased. Let me tell you that carmaker Tata Motors has decided to increase the price of its vehicles from May 8, after which customers will have to pay more than before to buy the company’s vehicles.

Tata vehicles to be more expensive

As per the information, the company may increase the price of its vehicles by 1.8 per cent. The information from Tata Motors comes at a time when many companies are going to increase or increase the price of their vehicles. This is the second time that the price of cars is going to go up this year. Earlier this year, car makers had hiked the price of vehicles due to increase in service cost, which has had a direct impact on the pockets of the customers. Let me tell you that the price increase that Tata Motors is raising will apply to all of the company’s passenger vehicles. Price increases will vary depending on what the vehicle is and its form value increases depending on the model. Those who have booked vehicles before May 7 will not have to increase the price and can buy the vehicles at the same price at which they were booked.

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