Swara Bhaskar compares Hindutva to Taliban militants, angry users demand arrest

swara bhaskar trends on : Swara Bhaskar Rose keeps sharing something on Twitter every day, due to which she is embroiled in controversy. Recently, the actress took to Twitter and compared the Taliban terrorists Hindutva Done with After his tweet, he is getting a lot of criticism on social media. People are constantly demanding the arrest of Swara Bhaskar on social media.

A campaign has been launched against him on social media. “We cannot recover from the terror of Hindutva and we are shocked and saddened by the Taliban’s terrorist attack,” Bhaskar tweeted. We cannot calm down with the terror of the Taliban and we are all angry with the terror of Hindutva. Our human and moral values ​​- values ​​should not be based on the identity of the victim or harasser. After this tweet of Swara Bhaskar, he is being severely criticized on social media.

Anger is being seen inside the people after his tweet. Along with criticism, people on social media are demanding his arrest. One user wrote, “Under Section 295A of the IPC, anyone who offends religious sentiments will be punished with imprisonment for any description which can be extended up to three years.” Another user accused him of hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus. The user tweeted, “Swara Bhaskar has hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus, should he be punished immediately?” He also tagged Mumbai Police with the hashtag Arrest Swara Bhaskar in his tweet.

Tagging UP Police in his tweet, another user wrote, “UP Police please take strict action against Swara Bhaskar. She is encouraging hate speech for our Hindu religion. Another user wrote on social media, “Swara Bhaskar has experienced ‘Hindutva terror’. Now the government should send them to Afghanistan so that they can experience the terror of the Taliban for six months. Only then will she be able to compare.

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