Sushil Kumar Rinku’s meeting with CM Mann and Kejriwal


MP Sushil Rinku meets AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal: By-elections were held in Janladhar of Punjab on 10th May. The results of these elections came on 13 May. Who once again created a stir in the politics of the state. Also the results surprised everyone.

AAP candidate Sushil Kumar Rinku won in Jalandhar by-elections. He defeated the Congress candidate in a huge number. After this victory, Rinku met AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday. Chief Rinku went to Arvind Kejriwal’s house with Bhagwant Maan on Sunday. Where he met Kejriwal and congratulated him on his victory and talked about many other issues.

Let us tell you that Jalandhar is considered the stronghold of Congress where the Congress was in control for 24 years, but in these by-elections, the ruling party of the state has created history. Rinku defeated the Congress candidate with a huge margin of more than 50 thousand votes.

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