Sunil Jakhar will reach the Mahadebate, the condition set by Raja Waring sunil jakhar visit in debate called by bhagwant mann in pau ludhiana punjabi news


Ludhiana The ‘I speak Punjab’ debate will be held on Wednesday at the Punjab Agriculture University (PAU). Adequate arrangements are being made by the administration regarding preparations in this regard. About 2 thousand policemen have been put on duty in PAU, keeping the issue of security as a priority. Also 7 level security arrangements have been made. The police has also made a list of the protestors and protestors. The entire city has been converted into a cantonment and blockade has been done at around 30 places. Search of every person coming and going in the city has been ensured.

Judging from the administration’s preparations, it seems that a large number of people are participating in this debate. Therefore, full preparations have been made to avoid any untoward incident. The administration has also arranged bomb disposal squad at the spot. On Tuesday, two meetings have been held between the administrative officials and the senior leaders of the Aam Aadmi Party.

Notification of Sunil Jakhar’s arrival

Aam Aadmi Party’s National Spokesperson Ahibab Grewal has informed that CM Bhagwant Singh Mann has given an open invitation to Punjabis to participate in this debate. He said that so far only BJP state president Sunil Jakhar has been informed to participate in this debate. He will welcome Jakhar to the debate and is expected to present his side on the issues.

Entry into the Debate Center through 4 gates

Officials have been posted at 4 gates to enter the debate centre. Two entry gates have been constructed at the main gate of the university. Common people will be able to enter the auditorium through them. Two gates have been constructed at the back of the auditorium for VIP entry. CM Bhagwant Mann and other VIPs will enter from these VIP gates only. The CM will reach this debate center by helicopter at around 12 o’clock.

Seating arrangements

AAP leader Ahibab Grewal has informed that anyone can participate in this debate. The auditorium has a first-come-first-served seating arrangement. First come first served can get the seat first. Entry of people may start from 10 am, but it has not been officially confirmed yet.

360 degree CCTV buses deployed

Information is being received regarding the preparations in the city that many digital vans and buses have been deployed. 360 degree CCTV cameras have been installed in these buses. Every person coming and going will be monitored through these cameras. These cameras have also been connected to the police control room. With their help, the police will be able to monitor inside and outside the debate center.

A look at the picketing groups

Apart from this, some factions had announced that they would hold protests regarding their demands during the debate. Due to this, the police has made a list of those parties. The posted officers will keep a special eye on these parties from tomorrow morning. If they do any kind of demonstration, they will be immediately detained by the police.

Punjab Congress state president Raja Waring has done a Facebook live on this issue in which he has commented on CM Bhagwant Mann’s invitation. He said that the media is not being invited for this invitation. Apart from this, some organizations have been accused of ducking before the debate. They have set the condition of debating on four issues SYL, race problem, law and order and Sidhu Moosewala murder.