Strictness on Omicron: 15,000 government employees without immunization will not get December salary


The state government has tightened its grip on the growing cases of corona. An order was issued on Tuesday stating that the 15,000 government employees who have been given a single dose of vaccination No dose, give them December in the new year Monthly salary will not be paid. At the same time, after January 15, 2022, 60,000 ordinary people who have not been vaccinated will not be able to go to public places. Violators will be fined Rs 500.

Strictness on Omicron
Strictness on Omicron

Let’s say that there is not a single patient of Omicron in Punjab, but this virus is spreading three times faster all over the country. To address the threat posed by the new variant of the Corona, Omicron, the central government has made vaccination mandatory for all people over the age of 18. A week after this, the state government also carried out the orders of the Center in a practical manner. To this end, the state government has made arrangements to upload the immunization certificate on the website of its job portal IHRMS.

On December 28, four new Corona victims were found in the district within 24 hours, including two passengers on an I flight from London. One person was also recovered during the incident. Now the number of active cases has increased to eight. According to the Airport Authority, 173 passengers arrived at the airport on Tuesday from London. Two people were found infected during the corona test. One of the remaining new infected is a soldier from Rajasthan and a citizen of a village near Beas.

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