Strange relationship: Nusrat Jahan’s happy ‘husband’ Nikhil Jain said, “The differences between us make me poison her …..

nusrat jahan gives birth : Famous Bengali actress and Trinamool Congress (TMC) MP Nusrat Jahan has become a mother. Nusrat was admitted to a Newtia hospital in Kolkata on the night of August 25. Today, MP and actress Nusrat has given birth to her first child. According to reports, actor Yash Dasgupta had brought him to the hospital. Fans are congratulating Nusrat on social media. According to the report, Yash Dasgupta confirmed the news and said that both the mother and the baby are healthy.

Meanwhile, Nikhil Jain has congratulated the actress after the birth of Nusrat Jahan’s son. Significantly, Nusrat and Nikhil were married in Turkey but a few months ago, Nusrat had said that their marriage had been annulled under Indian law. Talking to a media channel after the news of Nusrat Jahan’s birth, Nikhil Jain said, “My differences with Nusrat will not stop me from wishing me a happy birth. He further said, ‘I wish her (Nusrat Jahan) and the child a healthy life. May the child’s life be long and prosperous. My differences with him will not stop me from wishing good luck to the newborn. ‘

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Nikhil says, “I pray that Nusrat’s child stays healthy. May his future be prosperous and good. Nikhil said he was not emotionally attached to Nusrat and had no feelings for the news of her birth. But he wishes the child a bright future. Let me tell you that Nusrat’s ex-husband Nikhil Jain made a big statement saying that this child is not his. Nikhil Jain had accused Nusrat, saying that shortly after the marriage, Nusrat’s attitude changed completely. This happened after the shooting of a film. I had requested Nusrat several times to register our marriage, but he did not listen.

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