Storm Isha Causes Cancellation of Hundreds of Flights From Schiphol & Dublin Airports


Nearly 130 arriving and departing flights at the Dutch main hub of Schiphol scheduled for today, January 22, have been cancelled, the authorities said.

In a press release by Schiphol Airport, the reason for cancellations is strong winds caused by storm Isha, which prompted thousands of travellers to expect delays and cancellations, reports.

Dutch airline KLM, the airportโ€™s main user, told Dutch news agency ANP it had grounded 65 European flights for Monday so far.

The storm may also affect aircraft handling on the ground. For safety reasons, during these circumstances, handling cannot always be done as normal, possibly resulting in more disruptions in the flight schedule for both departing and arriving flights.

Schiphol Airport

However, the storm has not only affected the Netherlands but also other European countries such as the United Kingdom and Ireland.

According to Euronews, airlines cancelled 102 flights from and to Dublin Airport on Sunday. The storm also forced more than 24 flights to be grounded, while 27 flights opted to divert to other airports, Dublin Airport said in a press release.

While Dublin Airport has been open all day, Storm Isha has posed a significant challenge to both departing & arriving flights. As of 9.30 pm, airlines have cancelled 148 flights โ€“ 75 incoming & 73 departing. 35 flights have diverted to other airports, with 27 go-arounds.

Dublin Airport

The Irish Met Office issued a yellow wind warning in addition to a red warning for coastal areas in the north, advising against visits to this area.

The counties of Donegal, Galway and Mayo in Ireland were also warned of extremely strong and potentially destructive winds from Sunday afternoon into the morning, but the storm is expected to calm down by the beginning of the week.

Similarly, the Met Office in the UK issued a red warning for the north-east coast of Scotland, advising people against using the roads, as extremely strong winds posing serious danger are expected to occur.

According to SkyNews, a person died due to poor conditions caused by the Isha storm. In addition, power cuts are occurring in the UK, and schools in Shetland have been closed.

Network Rail, which owns the rail infrastructure in England, Scotland and Wales, said it was imposing speed limits on most lines in an effort to make rail safer during these uncertain times. Trains would be affected during the morning commute.

In addition, ScotRail services have been suspended since 7 pm on Sunday and are not expected to resume until around noon on Monday, as dozens of lines are closed due to fallen trees and flooding.

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