Starlink returning money to Indian customers who have booked satellite internet


People waiting for the satellite internet service of Elon Musk’s company Starlink to start in India have got a setback. The company is returning the amount that Starlink had taken from people for pre-orders. Starlink has also started sending e-mails to the users to return the money. SpaceX’s satellite internet division Starlink says the Department of Telecommunications has instructed it to do so. The company has been asked to return the pre-orders until it is licensed for internet service in India. Starlink is working on launching its services in 10 rural Lok Sabha constituencies of India. India is considered one of its major markets.

The company has started sending e-mails to its Indian customers. It is told that the Department of Telecommunications has instructed him to return the pre-orders till the license is received. Gadgets 360 has seen a copy of an email sent to customers. According to the reason given by Starlink in this e-mail for returning the pre-order, the timeline for obtaining the license to start the service in India is not yet known. There are ‘many issues’ related to Starlink’s operations in India, which must be resolved.

Earlier in December, Starlink’s Country Director, Sanjay Bhargava said Was that the company is expecting to apply for the commercial license on or before January 31. He had told that the company aims to install 2 lakh Starlink devices in India by December 2022. He had expected the rollout of the services by April. Starlink is said to have received over 5000 pre-orders, but the company stopped taking pre-orders due to pending regulatory approvals.

Starlink registered its business in the country in November. With the name ‘Starlink Satellite Communications Private Limited’, the company will acquire a license from the Department of Telecommunications. Its preparation is to provide high-speed internet in 10 rural Lok Sabha constituencies of the country. Starlink has launched several satellites in recent times to provide high-speed internet all over the world.

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