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People who consumed more vitamin D food did not have to deal with depression, anxiety problems.
There is a lot of magnesium in avocado, which makes the brain function strong.

Fruits for Better Mood: The report of Harvard Health has claimed that if the mood is bad then gut health has a big role behind it. That is, if some good things do not go in your stomach, then it can spoil your mood. You will be irritable. Will angrily smash things while watching TV. Will get angry at others. All these things have come to the fore in this research, not by us. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the study found that people who consumed more foods with vitamin D did not have to deal with depression, anxiety problems, while those who consumed less vitamin D had a lot of anger and irritability. seen.

Keeping this relation between mood and food in mind, nutritionist Dr. Uma Naidu of Harvard Medical Institute has made a list of some foods, with the help of which spark can be brought in the mood in no time.

This food will boost the mood

1. Spices– CNBC’s website quoted nutritionist Uma Naidu as saying that Indian spices are very beneficial in making the mood spark. Just as spices add spicy tadka to Indian food, in the same way they make the mood spicy. According to Dr. Uma Naidu, spices contain many types of antioxidants which release free radicals from the brain and do not allow oxidative stress to occur. Turmeric is most beneficial among spices.

2. Fermented Food-Curd, buttermilk, yogurt etc come in fermented food. On the other hand, if vegetables and milk are mixed together, then it also gets fermented and yeast and bacteria are filled in it. These things increase the function of the intestine and eliminate anxiety.

3. Dark Chocolate– Dark chocolate is a great source of iron which protects the neuron and controls the synthesis of the chemical. This helps in improving the mood. A 2019 study found that more than 70 percent of people who ate dark chocolate did not show symptoms of depression.

4. Avocado-There is a lot of magnesium in avocado, which makes the brain function strong. Depression has been treated with magnesium in medical science since 1921. After this, there have been many studies in which the relation of depression has been added due to lack of magnesium. If avocado is eaten mixed with olive oil, it becomes more beneficial.

5. AlmondsWe all know about nuts or almonds that it sharpens the mind. Actually, almond kernel, walnut, apricot, peanut etc. contain so many types of anti-oxidants that they activate the brain function immediately. Apart from this, it is anti-inflammatory which removes free radicals from the brain and reduces oxidative stress. Almonds also contain omega 3 fatty acids which are great for memory.

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