Soybean oil became more expensive by Rs 25 per kg than mustard

Normally, the price of soybean oil was below Rs 5 per kg, but during the week under review, the price of soybean oil was about Rs 25 higher than that of mustard.

Last week, soybean DOC was priced at Rs 8,000-8,300 per quintal Was running betweenAt the end of the week under review, the quota was Rs 9,200 and Rs 9,600 in Chhattisgarh. Similarly, due to strong demand from Peanut DOC, prices of groundnut oil and oilseeds strengthened significantly during the week under review.

Soybean oil became

The price of mustard seed rose by Rs 50 to Rs 7,775-7,825 per quintal last week from Rs 7,725-7,775 per quintal at the end of last week. Mustard oil also rose by Rs 250 to Rs 15,550 per quintal. Sarsan Pakki Guinea and Raw Guinea Tin also closed at Rs 2,530-2,580 and Rs 2,615-2,725 per tin, respectively, showing improvement of Rs 30 and Rs 15, respectively, over the weekend under review.

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