Simple One scooter to compete with Ola scooter launched in India, will run 236 km on a single charge – Easy Gadgets


On August 15, not only Ola Scooter was launched in India, but an Indian startup Simple Energy also launched its first electric scooter Simple One. Currently this scooter is available on pre-booking and it can be booked for Rs.1947. In terms of specifications and price, the Simple One electric scooter competes directly with the Ola Scooter and the Ather 450X, which has gained popularity in the electric scooter market. The Simple One can deliver a range of up to 236 km on a single charge and has a top speed of 105 km per hour.

Simple One has been launched in India for Rs 1.10 lakh (ex-showroom). However, this price does not include any subsidy. The subsidy varies from state to state, so its cost will vary from state to state. In terms of price, the Simple One electric scooter is more than the Ola Scooter (about Rs 1 lakh in Delhi), but it is less than the Ather 450 Plus (Rs 1.13 lakh in Delhi). However, after the introduction of the subsidy, the price of the Simple One electric scooter will come down, after which it will be able to give a tough competition to other scooters in terms of price as well.

As we mentioned, at present this scooter is not the official website of the company. Website It can be pre-booked through Rs.1,947. While there is no information on the production and sale of the Simple One, it has been confirmed that the scooter will initially be sold in 75 cities across 13 states and will gradually expand its reach. The good thing is that the booking amount will be fully refundable.

In terms of power, the Simple One electric scooter is powered by a 4.5kW motor, which is capable of delivering 72Nm of peak torque to the scooter. Thanks to this, the scooter can accelerate from 0-40 kmph in 2.95 seconds. The company claims that its top speed will range from 98 kmph to 105 kmph depending on the tyre. The electric scooter will have four riding modes โ€“ Eco, Ride, Dash and Sonic. The special thing is that unlike other electric scooters, this scooter comes with chain drive.

Come on battery. The scooter gets two battery packs โ€“ the first is fixed to the bottom of the scooter and the second battery pack is removable. The pack at the bottom is a 4.8kWh lithium-ion pack and the removable pack is equipped with a 1.6kWh capacity. In this way, its overall capacity becomes more than other competing electric scooters. As per the companyโ€™s claim, the scooter can give a range of up to 236 kms (Eco Mode) on a single charge and can be charged with a home charger. It can charge from 0 to 80 percent in just 2.75 hours.

The Simple One gets 12-inch wheels, with telescopic forks and monoshock for suspension. It comes with disc brake for good braking control. It will be made available in two tire configurations โ€“ 90/90-12 front and rear tyres, and 100/80-12 front and 110/80-12 rear tyres.

Simple Energy has given this scooter a 7.0-inch touchscreen display, which has 4G and Bluetooth connectivity. This includes music and call control, navigation, tracking and tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS).



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