Sikh athlete Wazir Singh wins gold medal at National Games in Banaras, UP

Sikh youth are not far behind in showing off their skills everywhere. As a result, Wazir Singh, a Sikh youth from village Sehna of subdivision Tapa Mandi, has bagged the first place in the National Games held in Banaras, UP by beating the players from 27 states in the โ€œPole Vaultโ€ game. Happy family members,Village Panchayats, KalbaApart from social activists, political parties, villagers and youth gave a warm welcome to the gold medal winner Wazir Singh through a caravan with drum beats and garlands. On this occasion Gold Medal winner Wazir Singh said that apart from Kabaddi, Volleyball, Football he used to participate in every sport from his childhood. The family has also been very supportive. Now the village is also providing its services to the children through sports in the playground.

Sikh athlete Wazir Singh

Wazir Singh said that state level games were held on 22/23 October at Mastuana Sahib. In which he participated in 100 meter race and pole blunt. Out of which he won and was selected in the national level games being held in Banaras, UP. However, due to a leg fracture, he only had to take part in the “Pole Blunt” in the ongoing Games in Benares, in which he beat players from 27 states from across the country. Achieved first place and won the gold medal. He also said that he was proud to be a Sikh. He is also very happy with the gold medal he won in the Games there.

Sikh athlete Wazir Singh
Sikh athlete Wazir Singh

Giving a good message to the youth, Gold Medal winner Wazir Singh said that we should stay away from bad deeds and promote sports and try our luck in sports grounds so that we can create a good society. He thanked the village clubs, village panchayats, family members and social organizations and said that he would never forget the encouragement he got in playing more sports. , Club members, family members, social workers. There was a flurry of congratulations to Gold Medal winner Wazir Singh.

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