Sidhu Musawale’s parents, who came out to demand justice for their late son, met the Latifpura victims.

Jalandhar : During the second day of the “Insaf Yatra” for their late son during the Jalandhar by-elections, parents of Sidhu Musa Wale reached Latifpura today to meet the families of the victims. In his address on this occasion, father Balkaur Singh said that till now we are demanding the government for justice, but the government is only congratulating itself by recovering the weapons. The family of Sidhu, a resident of Latifpura, is also falling victim to the neglect of the government.

Balkaur Singh looked very emotional on this occasion and told that in Sidhu’s mother Charan Kaur’s dream, her late son had come and asked me with which weapon I was shot and killed, but since we don’t know, Sidhu’s How to answer the question? Balkaur Singh appealed to the people of Jalandhar that they should not vote for the AAP party, vote for any other party, these haters need to be taught a lesson.

He also spoke about the situation in Punjab in March and said that during this time the arrested nozwans could have been explained. Bajek was a simple person but in this way, an attempt was made to create fear in Punjab by imposing NSA on the instructions of Delhi. I also shared some of my son’s writings with all of them.

At this time, Mata Charan Kaur said that we have been wandering for 1 year but we have not got justice yet. If the elected AAP MLAs of Punjab had worked from the grassroots level, then they would have known something about running the government, but the AAP party has made unskilled people MLAs from shops, they have no experience of working in the government. If the government is not taught a lesson, like top boys including Sidhu have been killed in the last 11-12 months, more may become victims of the government’s negligence.

About the residents of Latifpura, he said that we are not so powerful that we cannot rebuild our bases, but it is necessary to teach this government a lesson and that is why we have the power to vote, so do not vote for the Aam Aadmi Party or put Nota. .

It is worth mentioning that Sidhu’s parents are on a tour of many areas of Jalandhar to appeal to the people to get justice for their son and this whole operation has been named “Insaf Yatra” for Sidhu. Tomorrow also with those people. had a conversation

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