should you stand or sit while drinking water or milk,


As soon as you reach home, first going to the kitchen and quenching your thirst with water is included in the daily routine of most people. Perhaps we have never paid attention to whether we are standing or sitting while drinking water. Apart from this, they do not even think whether the water is cold or hot. The surprising thing is that there is a way to drink water. If you follow it, you can stay away from many problems. In the same way there is a rule for drinking milk. Let us know in this article what special things to keep in mind while drinking water and milk and know the right way to drink them (How should drink water and milk sitting or standing).

Mother often scolds us many times for this thing that drink water slowly, avoid drinking cold water as soon as it comes from outside. Water should not be drunk while sitting, etc. etc. Most of us listen to all these instructions in one ear and throw them out the other ear. First of all, let us know that if we drink water while standing and drink milk while sitting, then from which diseases we can be surrounded.

First know the disadvantages of drinking water while standing

There may be a risk of arthritis

standing according to Velardi Drinking water Seems normal to us. If you also drink water like this, then it can become the cause of arthritis later. Actually, drinking water while standing can disturb the balance of fluids inside the body. Also, fluid starts accumulating in the joints in excess. Which can later prove to be the cause of the disease.

Stomach splash potential

According to health experts, by drinking water while standing, it starts spreading inside the stomach. This can further worsen the digestive system and its effect gastrointestinal track falls on Apart from this, drinking water in the standing position keeps the thirst unfulfilled.

According to Valardi, if you drink water while sitting, your muscles and nervous system get a lot of rest. Which triggers the nerves to digest liquids and other foods quickly.

causes of ulcers and heartburn

When you drink water while standing, the water has an effect on the lower part of the esophagus. This affects the sphincter, the joint between the stomach and the esophagus. This causes burning sensation in the stomach.

kidney disease

Kidney is used for cleaning water in the body. Drinking water while standing does not clean the kidney and dust particles start accumulating in the kidney. Due to this, the water does not get purified completely and the dirt starts accumulating in the kidney. This causes burning and pain while passing urine.

drink milk standing

According to Ayurveda, milk should be drunk while standing. This makes milk easily digested. Actually, drinking milk while standing shows its effect on the digestive system. Milk works to control Vatta, Pitta and Dosha, the main pillars of Ayurveda in our body. If you drink lukewarm milk while standing, it has a positive effect on the body. This gives relief from joint pain.

milk contains calcium
Calcium is found in abundance in milk. This strengthens bones and teeth.
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benefits of drinking milk while standing

According to the pharmacy, calcium is found in abundance in milk. This strengthens bones and teeth.

Apart from this, milk will also prevent the onset of osteoarthritis.

It contains potassium which is essential for the health of your heart.

Vitamin D present in it controls the unnatural cell growth, which works to reduce the risk of cancer.

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