“Should Rohit Sharma be dropped from the team?” Asked Kohli.

Everyone was eagerly awaiting the match between India and Pakistan in the T20 World Cup on Sunday. In this match Pakistan team defeated India by 10 wickets.

India vs Pakistan t20 world cup

Batting first after losing the toss, India gave Pakistan a target of 152 runs. Which Pakistan team easily won without losing a wicket. Responding to a media question at a press conference after losing the match, skipper Virat Kohli lashed out at the Pakistani journalist.

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In fact, after the defeat in the match, when Kohli arrived to answer questions from the media, he was incensed at the reporter’s question. The media was asking questions about Rohit Sharma. Meanwhile, he asked the opposite question about Rohit Sharma and Ishaan. “Ishaan played very well in the practice match, but you don’t think he is better than Rohit Sharma in some respects,” he said.

India vs Pakistan t20 world cup
India vs Pakistan t20 world cup

After which Virat became very angry. “It’s a very good question,” he said. Do you really want me to get Rohit Sharma out of the T20 squad? You can let me know if you want controversy. I will field the team accordingly.

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“You know what reality is and what people think outside,” Kohli said in response to a question from another journalist. I wanted those people to come on the field with a kit and see how the pressure is. It is a shame to believe that the opposition played a better game than you. They did not give us time to return and kept up the pressure.

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