Shopkeeper taking bribe caught red-handed by vigilance


Campaign against Corruption: During the campaign against corruption in Punjab, the Punjab Vigilance Bureau today arrested a private person named Aman, who runs a gym supplement shop at Gandhi Chowk, Batala, District Gurdaspur, while accepting a bribe of 2 lakh rupees for the sake of a police constable. The accused soldier in this case has been identified as Mohit Bedi, who is posted in the Special Task Force (STF) Batala team.

Giving information in this regard, the spokesperson of the Vigilance Bureau said that a complainant woman approached the bureau and alleged that the police team of STF Batala raided the said gym on Monday and arrested her husband from the gym. The complainant also said that the STF team also conducted a thorough search of his house but no drug was recovered.

The woman alleged that on being asked about the reason for arresting her husband, constable Mohit asked her to meet the said shopkeeper Aman, who is also her husband’s friend, so that her husband could be arrested without filing any criminal case. can be released The complainant further stated that the said shopkeeper Aman asked him to arrange a bribe of Rs 10 lakh and to give Rs 2 lakh to the policeman Mohit as the first installment of the bribe.

The spokesman said that after the preliminary investigation, the Vigilance Bureau laid a trap and caught the accused shopkeeper Aman red-handed while accepting a bribe of Rs 2 lakh from the complainant in the presence of two government officials. He said that the police teams are conducting raids to arrest the accused soldier. In this regard, a case has been registered under the Prevention of Corruption Act at Amritsar Range police station of Vigilance Bureau and further investigation of this matter is going on.

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