Seva At Home Expands Occupational Health and Safety Services with Array of New Programs

Seva At Home is proud to announce the expansion of its Seva PRO occupational health and safety services to include on-site medical rooms, health check-ups for employees and the cardiac preventive care program. This is in response to the growing need for holistic health and wellness solutions at the workplace and the importance of preventive care:

The medical rooms created inside the workplace can provide immediate assistance and treatment to employees should there be a medical emergency, and the certified staff are trained to provide preventive care and tools to encourage a healthier workforce.

Seva At Home Expands Occupational Health and Safety Services

Health check-ups are an empowering tool as they provide vital information that can prevent the onset of diseases, or identify markers so that timely treatment can begin. Tests for the employees include cardiac profile, liver profile, cancer risk profile, physical evaluations, diabetes profile, bone strength and more*. This can be availed as pre-employment checks as well as regular camps for current employees. A consolidated health report is created by the team’s data analysts and shared with the company; all information is anonymised to maintain employee confidentiality.

Along with these two services, Seva At Home’s Cardiac Preventive Care Program is a novel approach to cardiac care with its multidisciplinary approach. Designed by leading doctors across specialities, employees of subscribing companies get access to a care team that includes a cardiologist, nurse, physiotherapist, nutritionist, psychologist and health and wellness advisor.

“We have been working with numerous companies over the last few years, and are honoured that they have trusted us with their employees’ healthcare requirements. Our mission has always been to continuously develop new tools to support them and meet their evolving needs, and by expanding our services, we are able to do so. There is a rise in the number of people with chronic diseases, and a comprehensive occupational health and safety program is one tool to get ahead of the curve and create a healthier workforce in India,” said Mr. Atul Kishore, CRO, Seva At Home.

Seva At Home continues to lead the way in offering innovative solutions to keep employees safe and healthy in the workplace. The company’s new products are a testament to its commitment to excellence and its ability to respond to the evolving needs of businesses in the corporate space. With 60+ marquee corporate clients, Seva At Home has been one of the pioneers in the industry. The company has been at the forefront of innovation in promoting occupational and health safety in the workplace. Its commitment to quality, performance, and customer satisfaction is unmatched in the industry.

*The exact health tests will depend on the company’s requirements. Contact the Seva At Home team to know about the packages and how to make the workplace healthier: +919205211552

About Seva At Home

Founded in 2019, the award-winning* Seva At Home (SAH) is India’s leading health and wellness concierge. Through its technology-enabled platform and large on-the-ground partner network, Seva At Home is on a mission to transform the way healthcare is approached and navigated by individuals, corporates, and not-for-profit organisations. The Founder-CEO, Atul Gandhi, was recently recognised alongside other pioneering leaders by Outlook Magazine as one of the Changemakers of Modern India.

From home healthcare and telehealth, to mental health and corporate wellness, Seva At Home has brought an array of healthcare services to individuals and families in India. Recognising the need for safe, reliable and unparalleled quality healthcare, Seva At Home empowers individuals, family members and caregivers to focus on health and wellbeing, no matter where they are in the world. With services offered across 60+ cities in India, Seva At Home has been trusted with the healthcare needs of over 8,400 customers and 60+ corporates.

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*SAH named one of the 10 most promising elderly care service companies – 2021 by Silicon India.

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