Sensex crosses 57,000 points for first time, Nifty rises


The Indian stock market has once again started with a record high. As soon as the business starts Sensex 57 thousand points Crossed the level of This is the first time the Sensex has achieved this milestone.

Sensex crosses 57000 points
Sensex crosses 57000 points

The Sensex has gained nearly 4,000 points in less than a month. Following the rise in the Sensex, it is estimated that it will touch the 60,000 level before October. Let me tell you that the Sensex is gaining strength due to constant buying in shares of various companies. Like the Sensex, the Nifty is changing. In early trade, the Nifty touched the 17,000 level. This is the all time high level of Nifty.

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