Seeing the smoke coming out of the toilet of the flight, there was panic, a person was found smoking in the toilet! Arrested


A flight passenger in Kerala has been arrested for smoking in the toilet of the flight. The passenger was arrested at the Kochi airport here. During the journey, there was chaos in the flight after suddenly seeing smoke coming out of the toilet. Due to this the crew also got alerted that the plane might catch fire. On further investigation, it was found that the person was smoking in the toilet. The investigation of this matter is going on.

Sukumaran, a resident of Thrissur, was arrested by the police at the airport for smoking on a flight. They have been booked under provisions of the Aircraft Act. The matter is being reported on January 29. One of PTI Report Sukumaran, 62, was arrested by the police at the airport after the cabin crew handed him over to the airport authorities, according to . The case is being investigated. According to the report, it is being told the flight of SpiceJet.

Earlier, during the flight in the aircraft, many such incidents have come to the fore in the past. Earlier, an Italian woman was arrested for assaulting the flight crew. The incident came to light on a flight from Abu Dhabi to Mumbai when the woman allegedly punched the crew members during the flight.

In fact, the woman is said to have an economy class seat and yet she was found sitting in business class. When the crew objected to this, the woman started fighting with the crew. The woman even allegedly spit on the crew members, punched them and went as far as stripping them. These days many such incidents are being seen in planes.

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