SBI Fixed Deposit or Post Office Term Deposit, Find out where you are getting the best returns


All major banks in India offer customers the option to invest in FDs. The main reason for this is that even today, fixed deposits are a popular investment destination. The reason for this trust of customers is a lot on FD Best returns and money Is protected. In that case, if you are also thinking of investing in FDs, we make your job a little easier. Let us know where State Bank of India (SBI) and Post Office Term Deposit (Post Office) are getting good returns.

SBI Fixed Deposit
SBI Fixed Deposit

Post office term deposit schemes are similar to Bank FDs. Any investor can invest in Post Office Term Deposits for one to five years. Let us know how much return will be available on Post Office Term Deposit:

On 1 year term deposit – 5.5%
On 2 year term deposit – 5.5%
On 3 year term deposit – 5.5%
On 5 year term deposit – 6.7%

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