Samsung will present these 3 new monitors at CES 2022, these will be the features…


CES 2022 (Consumer Electronics Show 2022) is going to start tomorrow i.e. from 5th January. During this, various companies will offer new innovations. Samsung company is going to introduce three new monitors in this show, which include Samsung Odyssey Neo 8, Smart Monitor M8 and UHD Monitor S8. Samsung Odyssey Neo 8 is the world’s first 4K 240Hz Mini LED 1000R curved display monitor. This gaming monitor comes with a curved display and has HDR 2000 support for a great gaming experience.

Samsung company to launch Samsung Odyssey Neo 8 curved-screen monitor at CES 2022 Present Which is the world’s first 4K 240Hz Mini LED 1000R Curved Display Monitor. It will be offered in 32 inch size. The design of this monitor matches that of the Odyssey Neo G9, which was launched in July last year. HDR 2000 support has been provided in the new monitor for gaming, in which users will get the best maximum brightness and contrast ratio. It features CoreSync lighting with white exterior.

The company will also introduce Smart Monitor M8 and UHD Monitor S8 during this time. Smart Monitor M8 will be the successor of Smart Monitor M7 launched in the year 2021. M8 will get 32-inch display. It will get a movable magnetic slimfit camera and support for OTT apps. This monitor will be 75 percent thinner than the M7. The monitor will get a flat-back design, with the rear exterior being white in colour.

Talking about the Samsung High Resolution Monitor S8, it will be offered for content creators and designers. There will be 27-inch and 32-inch models, with which VESA Display HDR 600 support will be available. Also, it will be a matte display.

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