Samsung and LG will break all records of earning! guessed it


In the midst of the challenge of Kovid-19, countries around the world are handling their economy. Companies are also expecting better performance. Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics are also expected to perform well this year. Both the companies have estimated the highest sales ever in their history. Samsung is estimated to earn around $234 billion, its highest ever revenue. At the same time, for the first time in the history of LG, its annual sales are estimated to cross $ 62 billion.

One of ETNews Report According to Samsung, in the fourth quarter of this year i.e. 2021, Samsung is estimated to have sales of about $ 63 billion and operating profit of about $ 12 billion. The South Korean tech giant has seen a growth of 67 per cent in the third quarter of this year over the third quarter of last year. The company has estimated earnings of about $234 billion, which is the company’s highest revenue to date and more than its 2018 earnings.

The company’s operating profit is expected to reach approximately $44 billion this year, the highest since 2018. Many researchers expect the automotive semiconductor parts shortage to improve after the first half of the new year. It is worth noting that Samsung is also the world’s largest company in chip manufacturing. It is believed that the new year will also see an increase in the manufacturing of DRAM memory semiconductors, which Samsung manufactures.

Like Samsung, LG of South Korea is also expecting record performance this year. The company’s overall sales and operating profit are estimated to reach approximately $16 billion and $700 million, respectively. For the first time in LG’s history, its annual sales are expected to cross $62 billion. The company’s annual operating profit is also expected to hit a record high of $3 billion.

On the work front, both the companies are offering innovative products across categories. LG may have said goodbye to the smartphone market, but Samsung is launching more than one flagship device. The new Fold phone is also expected to be equipped with many hi-tech features. At the same time, LG’s focus is in the home appliance category. Both the companies are going to bring a new range from Smart TV to Refrigerator.

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