Samrala police recovered 7 quintal of stolen iron, remanded the accused

The Samrala police formed a special team and seized nine trucks transporting goods from the factories late at night and arrested their drivers for stealing iron and scrap and selling them.

Apart from this, the police have also arrested 2 junkies who bought stolen iron on the spot, while another junkie managed to escape while evading the police. Currently, the police have recovered 7 quintals of iron and scrap stolen from the trucks and the accused are being remanded by the police for more large recovery.

In this regard, giving information during a press conference, DSP. Samrala Variam Singh and SHO. Bhinder Singh said that the police had received information that several truck drivers transporting iron ore from the factories had taken out some of the iron from the iron loaded in their trucks to the scavengers sitting on the main road at village Dhilwa at night. They sell

The police also received information that the business of stealing iron from trucks and selling it has been going on for a long time. On this, a special police team was formed under the supervision of the authorities and arrested 9 truck drivers who were selling stolen iron last night and took possession of their trucks. In the police operation, the junkers Jeet Ram and Tehal Chand, both residents of Nauldi Kala (Samarala) village, who bought the stolen iron, have also been arrested, while another junker, Lakha Ram, fled from the spot, who is being sought for arrest. .

DSP He said that during the police operation, 7 quintals of 5 kilos of iron and scrap have been recovered from the spot, which were stolen by the truck drivers and sold to the said junkyards. Before this iron sold by stealing and many other truck drivers are also being arrested soon.

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