Sameer Wankhede’s chat between Shah Rukh and Sameer went viral


Shah Rukh Khan: Sameer Wankhede, Zonal Director of Narcotics Control Bureau, who put Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan behind bars in the drugs case, has been embroiled in controversies. He is accused of implicating Aryan Khan in the drug case under the guise of money. When Aryan was behind bars due to this case, there was a conversation between Shah Rukh Khan and Sameer Wankhede on WhatsApp. What happened between the two, that chat has now been revealed.

Shah Rukh repeatedly appealed to Wankhede to take care of his son Aryan in jail. He writes – Please be a little lenient towards Aryan.

What was Shahrukh’s conversation with Sameer Wankhede?

In a WhatsApp chat, Shahrukh wrote – I will try my best to make Aryan Khan a person of whom you and I will be proud. This incident will prove to be the turning point of his life. I assure you of this.

We need honest and hardworking youth who can take the country forward. You and I have fulfilled our responsibility which future generations will follow. It is in our hands to change them for the future. Thanks again for your support and kindness.

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