Rules for keeping SIM, the government issued this order, otherwise the SIM may be blocked

Many people use two SIMs. However, if you have a lot of SIM cards then this is the news for you. Because the government will shut them down. According to a report, the central government has issued an order.

changed rules for keeping sim

The order states that those with more than 9 connections will be disconnected. According to a recent order from the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), officials will first confirm multiple SIMs. If not verified, all but one SIM will be blocked. For people living in Jammu and Kashmir and North East, only 6 SIM cards will be re-validated. According to the latest report, customers will have the option of which SIM they want to keep and which one to turn off. The DoT said in the order that if a customer has more than 9 mobile connections, they will be flagged for re-verification. The decision comes amid a rise in financial crime, automated calls and fraudulent activities. The Department of Telecommunications has asked telecom operators to remove all flagged mobile connections from the database as it is not in accordance with the rules.

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As a rule, the outgoing facility of flagged mobile connection (including data service) will be suspended within 30 days. Incoming service will be suspended within 45 days. This will happen when the customer comes for verification and chooses their surrender, transfer option. If the customer does not return for verification, the flag number will be closed within 60 days. This time will be counted from December 7. According to the orders, if the customer is roaming internationally or is physically disabled or in hospital, he will be given an additional 30 days. If the number is identified as a law enforcement agency or financial institution or a pesky caller, the outgoing service will be suspended within 5 days. If any one still does not come for verification, his incoming facility will be shut down within 10 days and the SIM will be turned off completely within 15 days.

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