Refrigerator Tips: If you are troubled by the mountains of ice that freeze repeatedly in the freezer and the lack of cooling, then these tips are useful for you.

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Refrigerator Tips: In today’s time, refrigerator is being used not only in Amir but also in normal families. In the summer season, people use fridge to save the goods from getting spoiled. It can comfortably keep food, cold drinks, water bottle and many other things. Trouble occurs when mountains of ice begin to freeze in it. Because of this, sometimes cooling problems also occur. To deal with this, people turn off the freezer for some time. Follow these 5 tips to deal with the problem of repeated freezing and cooling in the freezer.

Avoid opening the refrigerator unnecessarily

The biggest reason behind the freezing of ice mountains in the refrigerator is moisture. Due to opening it again and again, due to dampness inside, mountains of snow can be seen. To avoid this, open the fridge only when needed. This happens because after the hot air goes inwards, it mixes with the cold air. You can do this work in one go to avoid putting and taking out the items inside the fridge again and again.

Always keep the freezer of the refrigerator at the right temperature

Keeping the freezer inside the refrigerator at the right temperature can also help you melt away a mountain of ice. Not only this, it can also solve the problem of cooling. You can keep it forever by setting -18°C. If it is more than this in Celsius, reduce it today itself.

Avoid running the refrigerator with the freezer empty

Usually people keep household items in different sections. Even when the freezer is empty, due to the high humidity inside, mountains of ice begin to freeze. Due to excessive snow, many small holes present in them get blocked. For this reason, there is also the problem of cooling.

clean the defrost drain

Be sure to clean the pipe at the bottom of the refrigerator. Actually, due to water getting inside, it works to get out through this hole defrost drain. Due to its closure, mountains of ice start freezing in the fridge. Not only this, if there is a bad smell from inside the fridge, then clean it in time.

clean condenser coil

There is a condenser coil on the back side of all fridges. These are like pipes. Due to the accumulation of dust on it, there can also be a cooling problem. Due to the gas going inside the refrigerator through this coil, something gets cooled. Cleaning it regularly can avoid cooling and ice problems.

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