RBI Governor’s big statement regarding the exchange of 2 thousand notes


Governor Shaktikanta Das on Rs 2000 note withdrawal: The statement of RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das has come out regarding the change of Rs 2000 notes. He has said that there is no shortage of other notes in the market. There were several reasons for introducing the 2000 note.

He said that four months time has been given to change the notes. Banks will keep full details of 2000 notes. People need not panic at all. 2000 note has completed its life circle.

Notes discontinued under Clean Note Policy: RBI Governor

The RBI governor said that the 2000 note has been discontinued under the clean note policy. Note exchange data will have to be generated. You can make purchases with 2000 notes till September 30. As per the rules, 2000 notes can be exchanged as much as you want. Banks have made full preparations to change the notes.

Das said, ‘Four months time has been given. There is no need to rush. So you can easily go to the bank and exchange 2000 rupees notes. No need to worry. Common people will be given the facility to exchange Rs 2000 notes at the counter as before.

Circulation of 2000 rupee notes complete: Das

Das said, ‘The circulation of Rs 2000 notes has also come down from Rs 6 lakh 73 thousand crore to Rs 3 lakh 62 thousand crore, as we have said. Printing has also been stopped. The notes have completed their life cycle.’

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