Rapid explosion in 2 offices of the government department, loss of lakhs Pathankot blast in cooperative bank and soil and water conservation department office know full detail in Punjabi Punjabi news

Pathankot (Pathankot) A sudden explosion occurred in two government offices in Malakpur Chowk. The cause of this explosion is being said to be short circuit. Due to the explosion, these massive ceiling beams fell to the ground below and the electrical equipment of the entire room was burnt to ashes. This big explosion has happened in the office of Gurdaspur Center Cooperative Bank and Land and Water Conservation Department, after which there has been chaos.

Talking to the official of land and water conservation department about this explosion, he said that there was a sudden explosion due to a short circuit in the office. An employee of his department has also been injured due to this blast. The employee has been sent to hospital where he is undergoing treatment. He said that the explosion was very fast due to which electrical equipment has been damaged a lot.

Loss of lakhs due to explosion

Giving information in this regard, the manager of Center Cooperative Bank said that he was working with his fellow workers. Meanwhile, there was a sudden explosion in the bank. Due to the explosion, all the electrical equipment started breaking one by one. Due to these explosions, there was an atmosphere of panic among the employees. There has been loss of lakhs in the bank building.

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