Ramnavami Puja in Kharsawan on March 30, procession will be held on 31st, Akhara Puja organized

Preparations have been started for the procession to be taken out on Ram Navami in Kharsawan. Regarding this, Akhara Puja was organized in the Hanuman temple located at Talsahi in Kharsawan. Duly worshiped in Bajrangbali temple. Along with this, the practice for the preparation of Ram Navami procession was started. It was told that regular practice will be done till Ram Navami on the beats of Danka Baja.

Nayan Nayak of the organizing committee told that the Ramnavami puja will be held on March 30 (Thursday), while the procession will be taken out on March 31 (Friday). Along with taking out the procession, stunts (games) will be shown. On the occasion of Ramnavami, along with sticks, sword, spear, banati, ax etc. will be used to perform stunts.

In Kharsawan, Ram Navami procession is taken out by Talsahi, Kumharsahi and Behrasahi Akhara. In Kumharsahi and Behrasahi too, preparations have been started for the Ram Navami procession. A large number of Nayan Nayak, Rakesh Visheye, Liku Nayak, Kanha Patra, Lakhindra Nayak, Bulbul Behera, Rajeev Visheye, Raju Pani, Gaurang Satpathi etc were present in the Akhada Puja.

Ram Navami procession started in Kharsawan in the 60s

It is said that the tradition of taking out a Ram Navami procession in Kharsawan started in the 60s. After this, every year the Ramnavami procession takes place here with great enthusiasm. Many amazing feats are shown during Ram Navami. In Kharsawan, the Ram Navami procession ends near Chandni Chowk, circumambulating the entire city. On the other hand, the temples will also be decorated with colors on the occasion of Ram Navami. On the other hand, Ram Navami will be worshiped in Hanuman temples established at more than 50 places around Kharsawan. Preparation for this has also started.

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