Ram Navami: The arena of Mahavir Mandal Church Road coming out from 1951

Rama Navami: Mister Mahaveer Mandal Church Road K’s akhada is coming out from the year 1951. Late Nand Kishore Sahu and the local people played an important role in the establishment of the Akhara. This akhada was established near the intersection of Church Road and Second Street. Even today there is an amphitheater here. Now a big temple is being constructed here. Earlier Mahaviri flag used to be less, but traditional weapons were more. Here in the akhada there is a meeting of Chutiya and other nearby akhadas. After this, this procession reaches the main road and joins the main procession. Earlier where four to five flags were involved. At the same time, now more than 50 flags are included. A weapon-wielding competition is also organized by the Mandal, in which a large number of akhadaharis take part. The winners of the competition are also rewarded.

The committee is

Chief Patron Gulshan Lal Azmani, Patron Anil Kumar Bablu, Rajeshwar Prasad Rajan, Kapil Prasad, Manish Kumar, Manoj Gupta, Hemant Kumar, President Sumant Kumar Sahu, Secretary Rupesh Jaiswal, Executive President Dhirendra Vishwakarma, Sumit Kumar, Coordinator Rohit Raj Rajak, Sr. Vice President Subhash Kumar, Treasurer Avinash Kumar, Vice President Ayush Kumar, Golu, A Soni, Harsh Jaiswal, Co-Secretary Sujal, Aniket Raunak etc.

Decision to take out a tableau with pomp on Ram Navami

The meeting of Shri Mahaveer Mandal Mahila was held on Wednesday under the chairmanship of President Shobha Yadav in the Pahadi Mandir premises. In the meeting, it was decided to take out a tableau on Ram Navami with great fanfare. At the same time, a committee was also formed. Chief Patron Swami Divyanand Ji Maharaj, Sanjay Seth, Aditya Sahu, CP Singh, Asha Lakda, Rajeev Ranjan Mishra, Rajkishore Rana and Kumar Rajeev Ranjan, Spokesperson cum Media Incharge Shiv Kishore Sharma, Vice President Geeta Devi, Sunita Mirdha and Sandhya Devi in ​​the circle of patrons , General Secretary Urmila Chaudhary, Secretary Sarita Devi, Deputy Secretary Sandhya Devi, Executive Members are Sunita Devi, Jaimala Devi, Poonam Devi, Phoolmani Devi and Rita.

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