Punjabi youth has increased his pride abroad, won 2 gold medals


Punjabi youth has illuminated the name of Punjab abroad. 41-year-old lawyer Balraj Singh Randhawa of the border area Dera Baba Nanak participated as the Indian team in the Asia Pacific Master Athletics Games held in South Korea by 70 countries.

In these games, the player Balraj Singh has made the name of his country India and the border area Dera Baba Nanak bright by winning gold medals in volleyball and triple jump. When he returned to the village after winning the gold, the villagers and family members gave him a warm welcome. done

Speaking on this occasion, the player’s lawyer Balraj Singh said that he considered himself very lucky that he was the only player from the state to participate in the games in these games held in South Korea. Two golds in different games. They are feeling proud of themselves after winning the medal.

There, the family members are very happy that Balraj has become proud by winning gold. They and Advocate Balraj Singh appealed to the youth of Punjab to stay away from drugs and engage in more sports and at the same time from the Punjab government. Demanded that the summary of the players should be taken so that the interest of the youth can increase in sports. On this occasion, Balraj Singh Randhawa’s family members and youth expressed their happiness by playing Bhangra.


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