Punjabi News: Female Dog Simmi posted in Punjab Police won the battle of life, gave up cancer

Punjab News: Today we are going to tell you about one such soldier, who has made an important contribution to the service of the country by staying in the police force. A soldier who receives neither pay nor leave. Who performed his duty while staying in the Punjab Police and during this time fell victim to a terrible disease like cancer. After a long illness of 3 years, he has defeated cancer and is now ready to serve the country.

Simmi was battling cancer for 3 years
We are talking about Simmi, a female dog stationed in Punjab Police in Faridkot district of Punjab. Who is only 6 years old and has been suffering from a terrible disease like cancer for the past 3 years. Faridkot police got it treated and now it is ready to serve the country by defeating cancer. During its duty, it has fed criminals in jails in large-scale operations along with the police. This dog has received special training from the police department to catch criminals. It has led to several major murder cases and drug rackets to Sung’s culprits. It is getting all facilities from food and drink to cooler, special diet and medicines.

From diet to medicines, special attention is given
To go on a case or mission, it is taken in a special vehicle and 2 policemen accompany it. Simmi got rid of cancer due to the care of Head Constable Kulbir Singh. Kulbir Singh takes care of everything from his diet to medicines. who is its dog handler, stays with it 24 hours a day and accompanies it whenever it has to go on duty. SSP Harjit Singh of Faridkot district comes to his room every evening and asks about his well-being.

Simmi leads the police to the culprits
Giving information, SSP Harjit Singh said that there are 3 dogs in our police department, one of them named Simmi had a terrible disease like cancer. But the police department got him treated, after which he is fine now. The criminals have been brought to the jails by taking a big action together with the police. After hearing about several big murder cases and drug rackets, Simmi has taken the accused into the hands of the police.

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