Punjab Government is committed to provide transparent, effective and accountable administration in the state: Chief Minister


Sarkar Tuhade Dwar programme: Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann said on Wednesday that the state government is committed to provide transparent, effective and accountable administration in Punjab. Addressing the gathering during the main program of the government named ‘Sarkar Aaphai Dwar’, the Chief Minister said that though the state government has no magic wand, but still they are making concerted efforts to restore the ancient glory of the state.

He expressed the hope that the day is not far when Punjab will emerge as the leading state of the country due to the tireless efforts of the state government. Bhagwant Mann said that he has already drawn up a comprehensive plan to make Rangla Punjab for future generations.

The Chief Minister sarcastically said that the leaders before him never came out of their luxurious palaces during their tenure but they are going to every corner of the state to usher in a new era of peace, progress and prosperity. He said that this momentum will be continued in the coming days so that the development of the state gets more boost. Bhagwant Mann said that continuous efforts are being made in this regard and this noble work cannot be carried out without the support of the people.

Marking the importance of the ‘Sarkar Apahe Dwar’ programme, the Chief Minister said that it is the flagship program of his government for the progress of the state and the well-being of the people here. He said that this program has no precedent across the country as no other state government bothers to devote so much time to solve the problems of the people at their doorsteps. Bhagwant Mann said that on one hand this program will solve public problems quickly, on the other hand it will also help in testing the performance of government officials/employees.

The Chief Minister said that this people-friendly initiative ensures that officers especially Deputy Commissioners and Additional Deputy Commissioners make maximum field visits especially to villages and interact with the people in villages. He said that it is the need of the hour to ensure good governance for the people along with doing their daily work easily. Bhagwant Mann said that this will help in improving the functioning of the offices along with being aware of the ground realities.

The Chief Minister said that under this programme, a cabinet meeting was also held at Ludhiana and a meeting of the ministry was held at Jalandhar. He said that the purpose of this is to ensure that the benefits of government schemes can reach the people’s homes. Bhagwant Mann said that the government is leaving no stone unturned to give a big boost to the development of the state and the prosperity of the people here.

The Chief Minister said that the government has given jobs to more than 29 thousand youth in the state and the big task of giving jobs to the youth is being completed in a phased manner. He said that transparency and competence are the two main pillars of this entire recruitment drive. Bhagwant Mann said that a thorough procedure has been adopted for the entire recruitment process, due to which not a single appointment has been challenged in court so far out of more than 29 thousand appointments.

The Chief Minister said that the entire process of recruitment has received a positive response as the youth have got opportunities to advance with their abilities. Giving an example, he said that initially a youth was recruited as a clerk, after which he got recruited as an assistant lineman and later as a Sub Divisional Officer (SDO) through his hard work. Bhagwant Mann expressed hope that this momentum will continue in the coming days for the welfare of the youth and the overall development of the state.

Congratulating the people for the victory of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in the Jalandhar Lok Sabha seat, the Chief Minister said that this is a proof of the pro-people policies of the state government, which has eliminated the negative, divisive and sectarian politics of the opposition. has been completely rejected. He said that the people of Jalandhar parliamentary constituency have voted for positive change and development, which his government is committed to accomplish. Bhagwant Mann described the results of the Jalandhar Lok Sabha by-election as a big victory for the positive agenda of peace, communal harmony, brotherhood and development in the state.

The Chief Minister further said that this is a strong mandate against the politics of negative, corrupt ideas and forces, who have tried to destabilize Punjab and hinder its progress through their anti-peace and anti-Punjab activities in recent times. . He said that this should be a message to negative and divisive forces, who tried to spread violence and instability in Punjab. Bhagwant Mann said that this is the victory of pro-people and pro-development policies launched by his government for the welfare of the people.

The Chief Minister said that the victory of the party has once again proved the complete faith and trust of the people in the policies and programs of the state government. He said that the results of the elections are a victory of the clean, transparent and good governance of the state government over the divisive politics and bad tactics adopted by the opposition. Bhagwant Mann thanked the AAP leaders and workers for their selfless and tireless efforts for the victory of party candidate Sushil Kumar Rinku in this election.

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