PUBG: New map coming for New State users, know what will be special in 2022


The game PUBG: New State is going to get a new map and some major updates. The game’s publisher, Krafton, made the announcement in a New Year’s message to the community. The company has also shown a glimpse of the new map. PUBG: New State was launched in November for mobile gamers across the world including India. Crafton has also introduced PUBG Mobile and Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) in the past. BGMI has been launched for Indian users.

To give a glimpse of the new map, Krafton used three images release are of. PUBG: New Map of New State will be launched in the middle of this year. The new map shows mountains and plains as well as modern buildings and a central city tower.

In addition to the new map, pubg : new state will get some important updates in the first two months of the new year. Crafton has stated that updates and improvements to the game will continue this year to meet the expectations of users.
Crafton said that we want to ensure that all our gamers are given the best gaming experience possible. We will try to have better communication with the gamers and listen to the community to make the game better.

Meanwhile, Crafton is celebrating the New Year in a different way. The company has given gamers 6 Chicken Medals and three Royal Chest Crate tickets. Gamers are also given a coupon code “happynewstate”. It can be redeemed by visiting the dedicated page. This coupon is valid till 11:59 pm on 10th January.

It is worth noting that PUBG: New State was given major updates last month. This update is available for both Android and iOS users. To celebrate the winter holiday season, Crafton has introduced a new lobby theme to the game. Survivor Pass Volume 2, new weapons, weapon customization and new vehicles have also been brought in this update. Apart from this, the game has also been improved. As part of the update, the players have got two new vehicles. The name of the first vehicle is Electron. It is a six-seater electric minibus that offers more durability than other vehicles in the game. The name of the second vehicle is Mesta. It is a two-seater classic sports car that delivers high speed.