PUBG: Battlegrounds players will get drones, will be free-to-play from January 12


PUBG : Battlegrounds players will now get drones for their team. This will give them another means to win the battle. The drone surveillance feature has been highlighted in the new teaser. The special thing is that drones are already available for players in games like PUBG: New State. According to Krafton, PUBG Battlegrounds will be free-to-play for all users from January 12. The game will be free to download and play, although some items and game modes can be acquired after payment.

‘Pubg: Battlegrounds’ A teaser video on the Facebook page of Post has been done. This short clip shows a group of players hiding and making their plans. It can be seen in the video that they are being monitored by other players with the help of drone cameras. A similar teaser was also made earlier this week. Tweet it was done. In this, the developers shared a clip. The clip showed a radio-controlled surveillance drone, a remote control, a map and a bag.

According to Crafton, the feature is expected to arrive in PUBG: Battlegrounds on January 12. From this day, the game will switch to the free-to-play model. Although the game will be free to download, some game modes will be exclusive for which payment will be made.

Meanwhile, Crafton continues to take action against players cheating on the Battlegrounds Mobile India game. During the week ending January 2, the company banned more than 71,000 accounts. In a month, Crafton has banned more than two lakh accounts. The special thing is that this time the players’ devices are being banned permanently. This will not play the game again on that device.

Crafton usually bans players if the game has been downloaded from an unofficial channel or an illegal program is running on that device. Between December 6 and 12, Crafton had announced the ban of 1 lakh 42 thousand 766 accounts. The company had banned 1 lakh 57 thousand accounts in November between 17th and 23rd.

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