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Propose Day is celebrated on the second day of Valentine’s Week.
Propose Day will be celebrated on 8 February.

Propose Day 2023 Wishes : Valentine Week has started. Today, Rose Day is being celebrated on the 7th. Lovers, married couples are celebrating this day in a special way by giving roses to each other. The second day of Valentine’s Week is Propose Day, which will be celebrated tomorrow i.e. on 8 February. Propose Day is a great opportunity for those people to express their love, who are deeply in love with someone and have been thinking of proposing him for many days. Propose the one whom you really want, without wasting time, otherwise you will keep shaking hands after the opportunity and time are over. Who knows, this time on Propose Day, the person in front may accept your love.

If you express your love in a special way on Propose Day, then your proposal will definitely be accepted. For this, you can make a greeting card by yourself and give it. You can also say I love you by writing your own loving words in the card. Giving the gift of his choice sitting on his knees can also be a very romantic way. You can also propose by singing poetry, romantic songs, playing guitar. An even better idea is that you can also express your heart by sending loving messages and wish Propose Day.

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Tell your heart with these messages on Propose Day

understand the love hidden deep in my eyes
Because we cannot express anything with lips,
How to express your feelings, my dear
You are the only one without whom we cannot live.
happy propose day 2023

This innocent heart of mine wants to love only you
I just want to express my love to you,
Ever since these eyes of mine have seen you my dear
The heart wants to see only you again and again.
Happy Propose Day

my heart chose only you
Now you also choose it, don’t you…
Happy Propose Day!

You are the fragrant evening in this spring
You are a shining jam in love,
I keep your memories hidden in my chest
You are another name of my life.
Happy Propose Day Dear!

my heart beats only for you
Stumbles and recovers again and again,
This is how you captured this heart
My heart is mine but it beats every time for you.
Happy Propose Day!

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