Popcycle foldable bike price dollar 468 with 16 inch wheels 7 level gearsetup folds only 4 sec launched features more

Electric bikes and cycles are in trend these days and their demand is increasing continuously. But folding bikes are also being seen a lot these days and have come into vogue. Since being foldable, they also become portable, so companies are also paying a lot of attention to bikes like this. One such bike is the Pop-Cycle which comes with a foldable design. The design of this bike is quite compact. Its specialty is that it can be folded up to one-third of its own size. It can be folded in only 4 seconds. Other features of this bike and its price are given below.

Pop-Cycle foldable bike price, availability

The price of Pop-Cycle is said to be $468 (roughly Rs. 38,500). This Kickstarter under the campaign launch Has been done which will run till the end of May 2023. The launch of the bike is scheduled for June 2023.

Features of Pop-Cycle Foldable Bike

pop cycle bike about road.cc Report It is said that this bike is made by Popcycle US Inc. But it is believed to be a Korean company. Its special thing is that its design is very thin and it weighs only 13kg. Its pedals and handlebars are also made in a fold-able design. The rear wheel, seat and drivetrain are linked together, and all three slide forward together when folded. It has been said in the report that it takes only about 4 seconds to fold the Popcycle.

Bike The foldable mechanism of the is said to be quite smooth. It can also be easily assembled. Apart from this, its handle and saddle are also made in adjustable design. That is, according to the convenience, their height can be reduced or increased. The bike has 16 inch wheels. Dual speed gear setup is available in it. It has a 7 level gear system.


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