PM Modi wishes former PM Manmohan Singh a speedy recovery

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday morning wished former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh a speedy recovery. Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was admitted to AIIMS Hospital in Delhi on Tuesday after suffering from fever and weakness.

PM Modi tweeted, “I am Dr. I pray for Manmohan Singh’s good health and speedy recovery. ” A Congress party source said, “He had a fever two days ago. He was feeling weak after the fever subsided. He was admitted to the AIIMS on Tuesday on the advice of doctors. He is being treated by doctors and there is nothing to worry about. ”

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In April this year, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh also had a corona and was discharged after a few days of treatment at the AIIMS. The former prime minister had taken two doses of the corona vaccine on March 4 and April 3.

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